Let your character influence others

Lycio was founded by Derick Adusei in 2016.

It stands for " Let your character influence others " Lycio  was created to help influence and motivate the younger generation into making more positive outcomes for their lives.

Well how I came up with LYCIO it's an insight I had meditation . The purpose of my clothing line is to remind people of how positivity plays a large part of their present and how they should try and portrait this to their family , neighbour and friends . I understand sometimes we all get in  a negative mood .Let's spread the word of positivity . I came up with the name last year but kept it quite as I didn't know if I was to write a book about this and come up with a clothing line . My main aim is to get LYCIO clothing all over to every country . Spread the positivity and this can start from you . It's like a crown on your head to remember to be someone's role model , for them to look up to and let's promote good energy.

My name is Derick , born in the land full of gold , I mean wouldn't you like to know . Anyway let's stay positive , who would agree we have in life at one point been brought down by our family , work colleagues , the women and so many more others. Well am here to let you know start surrounding yourself with positive people. Now growing up I never had that , it's either am a doctor or accountant . It was a joke . I grew up in London like many of you , got lost but found my feet just three years ago when I said I want to be the one to bring that change in the mindset of kids that are loving with low esteem and give them that believe that if their mind right they can achieve any thing.

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